A little bird passed me these photos of what could be the new Proton Savvy interior. I must say it really really looks good. Has a bit of BMW feel in it.

I do not know if this is the real Proton Savvy as it was given to me by an anonymous source through email.

Click more for the rest of the photos…

Really nice and smooth curves. The Lotus-inspired dashboard meter design that’s in the Gen2 and the Proton Saga LMST is still there. Good news is there’s a glovebox unlike the Gen2. Twin cupholders at the gear console area. Satria GTi type of silver trim around the gear console.

Two main meters. The meters have a yellowish back. Very sporty.

Very very very nice custom designed Clarion integrated CD player. I really love the silver and black design. Big volume knob in the middle makes it easier for the driver to reach and feel to minimize distractions when driving. The buttons are big and clearly labelled. The player has a red LCD panel.

Air cond vents adjustment. Hope that they don’t break or something like Saga/Wira/Satrias.

A sporty steering wheel which reminds me of Audis. Proton has been using this steering wheel design alot. It is even in the new Perdana V6 with the Alfa grille. I like the design. But volume and track skip buttons on the steering would have been nice. I don’t see any there.

Here is the gear console again. This position of cupholders make more sense over the Wira/Satria cupholders as in the Wira/Satria they block the air cond vents.

Check out the meter panel. Seriously looks very nice. Red coloured backlight.

Gear position indicator in the middle, which I presume is for the automatic transmission models?

Here seems to be Proton’s attempt at fixing their “crazy fuel meter” problem. It seems that both the fuel and temperature indicators are digital on an LCD display. Also displayed on the LCD is the clock and mileage. Let’s hope this will be in the final product… it looks great!

The CD player area again.

A shot of the seats. Look at the front windows. There’s some kind of unique curve to it where it goes downwards a bit after the door knob. I wonder why it’s designed like that.

Rear seats.

An overall view of the interior.

Overall, I have to say I like what I see. Not that I don’t like the Myvi’s interior. I like them both! But interiors do not make the car. Since these are just photos we can’t say yet what the build quality is like… but it looks very promising.

Let’s see what happens after the launch of the Proton Savvy on the 8th next week!

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