2007 Honda CR-V

After a month of “Run” teaser campaigns, Honda Malaysia has finally launched the new 3rd generation Honda CR-V with an all-new engine here in Malaysia. Honda says the new CR-V offers a sedan-like driving experience, and judging from the way it looks so close to the ground, Id say it must be so. Read my report on the launch after the jump.

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Honda expects this edition of the Honda CR-V, third in its generation to make waves in the local SUV segment, targeting to sell 3,600 units year here, three times the amount that the 2nd generation sold in 2006. This would increase Honda’s hold on the SUV market from 11% to 30%.

The main focus of the CR-V here is combination of an SUVs utility with the driving experience of a sedan. Honda achieves the sedan-like driving experience using a few methods. Firstly, it has a lower center of gravity than the outgoing model, now lowered by 35mm. Its track has also been widened by 30mm. Theres also the G-CON body, or G-Force Control, while its main purpose is for crash safety, its rigidity also helps with the overall driving experience of the car. This is thanks to the usage of strong and lightweight high tensile steel comprising of up to 58% of the body. The suspension system uses MacPherson struts for the front, and Reactive Link Double Wishbone for the rear suspension.

Only a single variant is available, featuring safety features such as dual i-SRS front airbags, active headrests, anti-lock brakes and electronic brake distribution. The CR-V managed a 5 star score in the NHTSA crash test. There is also ample trim level, including cruise control, dual zone climate control, a 6-disc in-dash changer with MP3 and aux input, and steering wheel-mounted audio controls, however the seats are fabric, not leather. The boot features a double-deck load shelf, allowing you to organize your storage easily. The upper deck can hold weights up to 10kg, and can be removed to configure the boot into a single storage area. The boot can be extended into the cabin by folding down the 40:20:40 rear seats. The tailgate is now hinged at the top and opens upwards using hydraulics. The tailgate is also the lightest in the SUV segment.

CR-V Boot
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The interior features a stylish gear lever mounted at the front console for easier reach. The sporty steering wheel has adjustable tilt and rake, tilting 2 degrees and 30mm towards the driver. Storage space is abundant, with 20 storage areas. Here are some: split golf compartment, multi-use compartments in center console, door, floating arm rest, front seat back pockets, etc. The front screen has a cabin forward design, enhancing the feel of spaciousness.

CR-V Meter Panel

The meter panel features two dials showing speed and engine RPM, and in the middle you have a multi purpose display showing numerous information from the fuel computer such as remaining range in km, current fuel consumption in km per litre, average fuel consumption as well as the trip meters.

The new 2007 Honda CR-V features a new engine from the R-series, which first debuted as a 1.8 litre in the 2006 Honda Civic. The CR-V has a 2.0 litre version of this engine with an i-VTEC SOHC valve train, and is mounted pretty low in the engine bay to help with the center of gravity. You can view photos of the engine bay below. The usage of an SOHC engine is more suited to an SUV or MPV application due to a torque curve that has more power lower down. You get 150 PS at 6,200rpm and a maximum torque of 190Nm at 4,200rpm. The engine is mated to a 5-speed automatic gearbox featuring 2 overdrive gears for better fuel economy during high speed cruising. The 4WD system powers only the front wheels during normal conditions, switching to all-wheel drive mode when additional traction is needed.

The new R20 i-VTEC SOHC is mounted pretty low in the engine bay.

CRV Engine

To help improve fuel consumption, the new Honda CR-V has 10% reduction in wind resistance over the 2nd generation model, thanks to its more aerodynamic body. The CR-V also uses an electric power steering. This improved air flow also helped with interior ambiance, with sound levels in the interior now lower by 3dB thanks to an improved wiper and side mirror design, as well as noise and vibration absorption materials applied to floor, ceiling, side panels, and cargo area.

This new third generation Honda CR-V was a success in the USA when it debuted, selling 20,000 units within the first month alone. The model sold in the USA is the 2.4 litre variant, powered by the K24A found in our local Accord 2.4 litre.

In Malaysia, it will be offered in three variants – Nightback Black Pearl, Alabaster Silver Metallic, Opal Beige Metallic, Sparkle Gray Pearl and Bronze Silver Pearl. It goes for RM147,800. There is also two Modulo packages which brings the retail price up to RM155,160 for the Premium package and RM151,820 for the Standard package. If you are a Modulo Privilege Card Holder, you get a discount – RM154,200 for the Premium package and RM151,300 for the Standard package. The Standard package includes a front aero bumpre, rear aero bumper, tailgate spoiler, and a running board. The premium package includes a different tailgate spoiler, running board, and door visors.

Now Honda, where’s the new Stream?

Thanks for reading, and enjoy looking at all the other photos in this post. I will be uploading full sized photos soon, so you may use them as wallpapers or for whatever other purpose you wish.

CR-V Front

first and 2nd gen cr-v

Abalaster Silver Metallic

Bronze Silver Pearl

Nighthawk Black Pearl

Opal Beige Metallic

Sparkle Gray Pearl

2007 Honda CR-V Modulo

CR-V Modulo Specs
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Front Aero Bumper

Rear Aero Bumper


Bumper garnish

Door visor

Fog light

Running board

Side step

Tailgate spoiler

CR-V Launch Photos

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