3rd Generation Toyota Vios

It seems that we will be able to enjoy the new Vios recently launched in Thailand for less than RM70,000! This is for the lowest spec version of course, which could possibly be offered with a manual transmission. The Edge Daily has an exclusive report that UMW Toyota Motor Sdn Bhd plans to offer the new third generation (second gen in our market) Toyota Vios at a price of just under RM70,000, the first for a brand new Japanese sedan in a very long time.

If all goes well, this is very good news for the rakyat indeed. While still more expensive than our northern neighbours in Tomyamland who get to enjoy the Vios for between RM50,849 to RM69,830, beggars with the NAP over their heads can’t be choosers.

I really have to give it to the guys at UMW Holdings Bhd. They practically have the whole market cornered. The current Perodua Kancil and the upcoming Perodua Viva should conquer the below RM40,000 market, the Myvi rules the RM40,000 to RM50,000 market, and the new Vios will most likely conquer the B-segment Japanese sedan market as well, following the success of the current Vios. The Camry has proven to be a hit despite rumours of deliveries being hit by AP issues, and while the Civic currently reigns in the C-segment sedan sales, there’s no telling what the new Corolla will do to that segment once it is launched. Kudos to UMW’s outstanding performance.