Proton GEN2 Sedan

Reader acbc wrote in with these photos of the upcoming Proton GEN2 Sedan on road tests! It doesn’t look very much different other than the fact that it’s a GEN2 with a proper sedan boot tacked on to it, but of course this is not the final production model so we might see some changes here and there as a mid-life facelift. It looks very similiar to the 3D renderings posted in March. If you look closely at the front grille – is that a copy of Honda’s new floating grille design I see?

Photos also do not tell us what’s under the hood, so we might see the introduction of a Campro engine with the recently announced Variable Intake Geometry system developed by Bosch for Campro. These photos also do not tell us of the interior, which might have been improved, like how the Proton Savvy Facelift has improved on the interior with a more suitable color scheme. Or a glovebox might have been added.