Brabus has applied it’s tuning touch on the new Mercedes Benz CL600, resulting in the Brabus SV12 S Biturbo Coupe. Like it’s namesake, it is powered by the Brabus SV12 S Biturbo engine that Brabus seems to be plonking into all Mercedes Benz’s premium Brabus-tuned cars.

Basically, the 5.5 litre engine in the CL600 was both bored and stroked to 6.3 litre, and more optimised manifolds, larger turbos, and better efficiency intercoolers were installed. Of course, you can’t forget a better high-performance exhaust system to make the engine sound as good as it goes.

The result is 730 horsepower at 5,100rpm, and a potent 1320Nm at 2,100rpm. However, to help your gearbox and tyres have a lifespan of a wee bit longer, Brabus has electronically limited the torque output to 1,100Nm. Anyone for a tuned version of a tuned car without the torque limiter?