Production and Concept Lancer Evo Comparison

Motor Authority has spyshots of the upcoming Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution undisguised, letting us have a look at what it looks like way ahead of it’s international debut at the 2007 Tokyo Motor Show in late October this year.

But then again, Mitsubishi has already let us have a preview of how the production car will look like through the Mitsubishi Prototype X Concept, though after a comparison, the production and concept are not identical.

At a glance, here are a few differences:

  1. The front foglamps are different, while the prototype used a thin horizontal strip of LEDs as a foglamp, the production version uses circular-shaped conventional bulb-type foglamps.
  2. The headlamps are now conventional projector headlamps with a less radical inner lense design.
  3. The production version has a conventional wing mirror design, and the wing mirror-mounted turn signal indicators are gone.
  4. This area of the bumper design has had the lower part of the design thickened – the concept had a less symmetrical design with the top thicker than the bottom.
  5. The production version’s front fender now has a turn signal indicator as per most country’s legal requirements to have one on either the fender or the wing mirror. For the concept, it was on the wing mirror.

Can anyone spot any other differences?

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