Usually the fan art of modified cars only surface AFTER a car is launched, but thanks to nearly a month’s teaser period that Proton has given us with the upcoming new Proton Sedan, some have started modifying the look of whatever they have available.

Blog reader and forumer Chaku (aka Maru) has whipped up this nice artist’s impression of the new Proton Sedan with a bodykit based on the 3D renderings posted here back in March this year. He has added a small bootlid spoiler, subtle side skirts and a front lip, but the rear bumper gets a new diffuser-like design.

Of course, no sporty look is complete without larger sports alloy wheels and a reduced wheel arch gap. What do you think? The LED brake lamps available as a third party aftermarket accessory would complement this design well.

I think the new Proton Sedan like all modern Protons have tremendous potential for aesthetics enhancement.