Mercedes Benz A-Class

Mercedes Benz has decided to develop it’s next generation Mercedes Benz A-Class and B-Class alone, without cooperation with a small car technical partner. The German company previously had talks with BMW and Fiat, but it appears that the plans for the next generation A-Class and B-Class were not “compatible” with the proposed shared platform and engine with the other car manufacturers.

The luxury carmaker will instead rely on internal efficiency measures to achieve a similiar cost-saving effect as platform sharing. The new A-Class and B-Class platform will be “a platform below the C-Class with front-wheel drive and high-mounted transverse-sited engines,” according to Daimler head Dieter Zetsche.

The Mercedes Benz B-Class will grow in size to match the likes of the Volkswagen Touran, while the A-Class is rumoured to be made more sportier, and perhaps offered as a 3-door only. A third car based on the FF platform is said to be in the works, and will be a small SUV to compete against the rumoured Audi Q3 and the confirmed BMW X1.

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