Proton Perdana V6

Terengganu State Secretary Datuk Mokhtar Nong said the maintenance aspects of the state’s Proton Perdana V6 Executive fleet was handled by the car’s drivers or their superior officers and that the state paid for the maintenance based on “claims”. Each state exco has two drivers – one is a permanent employee of the state and the other is appointed on a contract basis by the exco himself.

The MBs of Pahang and Kelantan have come to defense of Datuk Ahmad Said’s claims that the Perdana V6 was expensive to maintain. Pahang MB Datuk Adnan Yaakob claimed his Mercedes-Benz incurred a cost of RM42,000 in 2007, while his state exco’s Perdana incurred a cost of RM57,500.

The Terengganu government has also corrected the figures published yesterday. They admit that they made a mistake with Idris Jusoh’s car. The following are the new figures:

  • Idris Jusoh’s car from 2004 to 2008 – RM131,449.83
  • Idris Jusoh’s car cost in first two months of 2008 – RM27.923.41
  • Most expensive car to maintain – Toh Chin Yaw’s car – RM175,229.79
  • Total bills for all cars over the past 4 years – RM1,071,668.82

One of the car workshops appointed by the state government to maintain the fleet of Perdanas is AMBL Services. AMBL Services is one of the lucky four workshops appointed to maintain the Terengganu state fleet. The other three workshops are Pusat Servis EON, Tenaga Setia Service Sdn Bhd, and Pusat Servis Ranaco.

AMBL owner Nazri Omar admitted in an interview with Bernama that he charged the government 25% more than what he would usually charge his other customers because the state government pays the workshop 1 or 2 months late. This is contrary to Datuk Mokhtar Nong’s claims that payment is made within 2 weeks of receiving service orders.

Nazri also added that it typically costs RM8,301 (this figure is already marked up 25%) to change a gearbox of the Perdana V6. Another unnamed workshop owner said that a recond gearbox could be used for about RM3,000. Nazri also added that if repair costs exceed RM12,000 the workshop would have to wait for the Public Works Department approval (who was the previous Works Minister again?).

Based on these workshop’s quotes we can assume that the cost to replace a Perdana V6’s gearbox should be under RM10,000. However Selangor State exco Ronnie Liu’s Perdana V6’s gearbox was changed at a cost of RM23,000 two weeks ago. Why such a huge discrepancy between the numbers? Are there cases of bocor in other states as well?

Other state governments are already considering emulating Terengganu’s “cost-cutting” exercise. The Selangor state government is now considering the Toyota Camry for its state excos. Ronnie Liu said the proposal for the Camry is not in their interest but it is because the excos need a safe car to “travel all over the place”. Yeah right, like the rest of us do not, but we have to live with what we have. I’d like to see you people take the public transport system for one month, then we’ll see some real action to improve the system.

UPDATE: According to The Star, the Prime Minister has given the go ahead to the Terengganu state government to use the Mercedes-Benz E200K as its state exco cars.