Proton MPV Spyshot

The same group of lightly taped up Satria Neos and a heavily camouflaged Proton MPV were spotted on the MRR2 near Batu Caves heading towards Kuala Selangor by Andrew Wong, who quickly whipped out his camera phone to record a video of the MPV passing by his car. The frames captured from the video manages to reveal in low resolution detail how the front end of the MPV looks like, and we get to see bits of the headlamps sticking out of the camouflage too.

According to Andrew, the way the Proton MPV was going through the traffic was pretty swift, which hopefully indicates it has a decent power to weight ratio. However the video shows that the MPV didn’t have many people loaded – the second row seemed empty and there was no one in the front passenger seat either.

The video also shows the MPV travelling behind a Proton Wira so you will be able to somewhat judge the size of the thing.

You can watch the video after the jump.

VIDEO: Proton MPV near Batu Caves on the MRR2