Now that both BMW’s iDrive and Audi’s MMI have web browser capabilities built into their on-board interactive computers, it’s only natural that Mercedes-Benz needs to play catch-up. The MyCOMAND infotainment system is the latest revision of Stuttgart’s COMAND system.

A glance through the menu shows not only a web browser but even has YouTube support. Even the GPS navigation maps are not stored on a hard drive, they’re downloaded from the internet from Google Maps. Let’s hope it at least has 3G to support the bandwidth requirements of being so “connected”!

The music library menu looks very very similiar to Apple’s Cover Flow feature, which is probably a result of that announcement back in July 2007 where Mercedes-Benz announced it was getting Apple to develop its next gen satnav and infotainment system. Well, here it is then!

Watch a video of MyCOMAND after the jump.

Video: Mercedes-Benz MyCOMAND System