Hyundai 6-speed AutomaticHyundai has announced a new 6-speed automatic transmission that is smaller, lighter and more compact (41mm shorter) than any other 6-speed auto on the market, one that is so unique that it has applied for nearly 300 patents related to the transmission.

The 6-speed auto is also 12kg lighter, 41mm shorter and has 62 fewer parts than the 5-speed automatic it will replace in the Hyundai parts line-up. Fuel economy is improved by 12% thanks to the additional gear ratio. It is designed for transverse installations and uses “filled for life’ automatic transmission fluid that is designed not to need topping up.

The first application of this transmission in a production vehicle will be in a Hyundai Grandeur, where it will be paired to a 3.3 litre v6 engine.