Dodge Hornet
Scrapped small car project could have been the Dodge Hornet

Chrysler and Nissan originally planned to expand their current cooperation of marketing the Nissan Versa in South America as the Dodge Trazo with another two cars – another Chrysler-designed Nissan (Japanese)-built small car (dare we say this might be the Dodge Hornet?) and a full-sized Nissan pick-up based on a Chrysler (next gen Nissan Titan). But right now in face of a depressing economy and unfavorable dollar to yen exchange rates, that plan has been put on hold. The Versa project will go on as planned.

Other than the Versa, there are also other third-party sourced small cars sold there, such as the Hyundai Atos and the Hyundai Accent, sold as the Dodge Atos and Dodge Attitude respectively. Word is that the Versa-based Trazo will replace the Attitude as Hyundai has officially entered the Mexican market.

The word is that the cancellation/postponement of the other two vehicle projects have nothing to do with the recent involvement of Fiat in the American company, but it’s just that the projects were a deal done during better times, which unfortunately have ended what feels like a long time ago.