According to a published report by Reuters, struggling American auto makers General Motors and Chrysler may end up getting funds from private institutions, if the U.S Government decides not to provide further funds to both companies, that will then force the auto makers to file for Chapter 11 which basically mean that both companies will go into restructuring, to become viable businesses.

A number of external advisers to The Treasury are rumored of trying to secure the funds from private institutions, which will be needed to restructure both companies. The amount which is rumored to be about U.S $ 40 billion, and to be backed or guaranteed by the government would also be used to pay back the U.S $ 17.4 billion the government initially lent General Motors and Chrysler late last year.

This means that the U.S Government would not tap into “the people’s” money to give a helping hand to both auto makers. However, this brings us to the next question; will these private institutions be able to extend the above mentioned amount during such uncertain times? If both companies file for Chapter 11, they would also be temporarily protected from creditors.