Swiss-based Protoscar will be launching a full size sports cabriolet at the Geneva Motor Show. Unlike what you might expect from a typical cabriolet, the Protoscar LAMPO is actually a fully electric, emissions free vehicle which is powered by two electric motors with each of the motors mounted on the front and rear axles.

Total output of both electric motors is rated at 268HP and 440Nm of torque which is more than the Tesla Roadster which features 248HP and 375Nm of torque. With a lightweight 32 kWh lithium ion battery pack, it can deliver 200 kilometers over a full charge which is actually lower the Tesla’s 220 miles range. The LAMPO can be recharged via a house power outlet with a full charge time of 12 hours.

Protoscar also revealed that even with energy to recharge is directly taken from the publicly available infrastructure, the company has built a 16 kWH photovoltaic plant located in Tuscany that will generate energy via solar cells which will then help feed energy into the global grid. Apparently the automaker mentioned that “the goal is to self-produce all the energy that we need for the car getting to counterbalance the entire consumption”

Apart from a premium interior treatment, the Protoscar LAMPO also features an EVA Range estimator that presents “radar graph” of the residual range integrated with standard navigation capabilities, charging station location as well as an advanced long-distance trip planning system which incorporates charging time and recommended locations.

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