Audi e-Tron Concept

Remember those Electricity Untamed (what’s with German carmakers and the word untamed for their Frankfurt exhibits) teaser videos that Audi released earlier this month? Still don’t know anything about what kind of electric motor(s) will power the Frankfurt car but an initial set of photos of the Audi e-Tron concept have surfaced.

It’s quite clearly an R8 (though without “side blades”, making it end up looking like a large TT) but likely in the interest of aerodynamics most of the intake openings have been closed off. Perhaps electric motors run much cooler than a regular combustion engine. And check out those radical wheels!

It’s interesting how all three premium German manufacturers are exhibiting very powerful sports cars with alternative combustion engines at the Frankfurt show. Mercedes-Benz will showcase its electric-powered version of the SLS AMG while BMW has its Vision EfficientDynamics concept car.

Look after the jump for the rest of the e-Tron photos.

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