Goodyear DuraplusYou have less than a week left to send in entries and stand a chance to win a set of four Goodyear Duraplus tyres for your car, in whatever size you need as long as they are available Duraplus sizes in Malaysia. Four sets of tyres have already been given out and there are an additional four sets to be given out in this second round.

Goodyear Duraplus tyres are claimed to be able to last up to 100,000km, which would make it suitable for the high mileage budget conscious customer who just wants to buy something, put them on and forget them them for the next year or so. The 100,000km figure was obtained during Goodyear’s tests on company tracks in France and Luxembourg, as well as open roads in Thailand. Here’s how you can join:

  1. Snap photos of your current tyres to show that you need a change of new tyres.
  2. Give your best reason to change to a set of Goodyear Duraplus tyres!

Mail your entries to

You can have a look at the previous round of winners to have an idea of what kind of entries are likely to be picked. Goodyear says the key behind the durability of the DuraPlus is what they call TredLife Technology. It’s a buzzword that stands for a few key design features that enables the tyre to last longer.

Here’s a table of all available sizes as well as their recommended retail price per tyre:

Goodyear Duraplus