Before I move on further, I must admit that Kia has definitely upped its ante recently with some impressive looking vehicles such as the Kia Forte and this, the Cadenza “luxury sports sedan” which is known as the K7 back in Korea.

Along with the recent reveal, the automaker has a released a pretty cool commercial video of the new Kia. If you think the Cadenza / K7 is good looking in photos, wait till you watch this video! Its quite long, 3 minutes and 38 seconds to be precise, but rather entertaining as it looks more of a short film with some chase scenes rather than a commercial.

The video showcases some features on the Cadenza / K7 including a welcome note on the instrument panel, a lane departure warning system, a reverse camera system with guide lines, heated steering, a floor-mounted accelerator pedal and more. I really hope it drives as well as it looks! Anyway, I shall let the video do all the talking.

Continue reading to enjoy the footage.

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