The bread and butter of the new 5-Series range here in Malaysia will undoubtedly be the sedan but BMW has also secretly slipped the BMW 535i Gran Turismo into its showrooms here on a per order basis. From what I hear an initial batch of cars of about 20 or so have been brought in and a lot of them have already been spoken for. Subsequent orders will likely be back to back with no ready stock.

The 535i GT is the only variant that has been priced here in Malaysia, though if you want the 550i GT you can probably ask for one and they’ll do the necessary processing for you, if you have pockets that are deep enough. The 535i GT’s engine is similar to the one in the 535i Sedan – 306 horsepower at 5,800rpm and 400Nm of torque from as low as 1,700rpm all the way up to 5,000rpm, mated to a 8-speed Steptronic transmission.

It’ll cost you a mind-boggling RM 638,800 which is really really close to 7-Series territory. But then again the interior of the 5 GT is plusher and airier than the F10 Sedan and interior space can be comparable to a short wheelbase 7-Series, which is not sold here in Malaysia. You sit in a slightly higher up position which is sort of between a sedan and an X model, and there’s really loads of headroom front and back which together with the panoramic roof contributes greatly to the airy feeling. There’s also two LCD screens for the rear passengers though there’s no iDrive – you use an iDrive-like remote instead.

You’ll lose out to a real 7 (or even a 5 Sedan) in boot space, which is sort of deep but doesn’t really have much in terms of height despite the GT having a hatch loading – because of the way the roofline slopes, bootspace versatility is far from a Touring model’s. The GT only has 440 litres of storage compared to 520 and 500 litres for the 5 and 7.

Look after the jump for a photo gallery of the 5 GT they had displayed at the F10’s Malaysian launch. Pardon the quality as I didn’t have a real camera with me!

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