Much like how Fiat revived the lovable 500, Saab under new owner Spyker will be making a new small car based on a famous 1950s model. The classic in question is the teardrop shaped Saab 92 model that was in production between 1949 and 1956.

Saab is currently in discussions with a variety of automakers about technology and platform sharing on the new model, which will be a spiritual successor to the 92. “That will be on my plate for the next 100 days,” Saab CEO Victor Muller told Bloomberg.

Currently, Saab’s range consists of the 9-3 and the new 9-5, which goes on sale now in Europe. The ex-GM owned brand plans to sell 50,000 to 55,000 cars this year, with the new 9-5 contributing 17,000 units to the total. Next year, they have an optimistic target of 100,000 vehicles which will be based on 40,000 9-5s and 10,000 units of the new 9-4X crossover.

Muller, who is also boss of Spyker, revealed that the exclusive supercar maker will be moving the listing of the company from Amsterdam to Stockholm. The reason is that 99.% of their business is Swedish (meaning Saab), thus it would be impractical to list the company in the Netherlands any longer.

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