This Proton Exora was spotted by reader Suthesh somewhere near Seremban. The tradeplate number of B2646A belongs to Proton as it was spotted before on a Proton Exora prototype that we regularly saw roaming the streets of the Klang Valley before the vehicle was launched.

At first glance this Exora just looks like a regular Exora but look closely and you can see that there are some cosmetic changes. The front bumper has some modifications to it – it has a chrome surround around the fog lamps and a thin horizontal chrome piece filling up the gap in the bumper area where the fogs are located. There’s also a bumper lip. This is the actually the exact same design that is found on the Proton Exora Prestige.

This Exora’s alloy wheel is also different, featuring a 10 spoke design instead of the Exora’s standard 5 spoke wheels. There’s actually some side skirts here but they’re a little hard to see because they’re black in colour which is a contrast against the Exora’s white body. Perhaps they haven’t been painted yet.

The bodykit treatment continues to the rear. This might just be a bunch of Proton staff traveling long distance on a work related trip on a random Exora in their fleet, but wishful thinking wants me to believe there’s a turbocharged engine under that hood.

Also, it would be nice if Proton release a version of the Exora with this bodykit we see here. This will allow them to gain from some of the money flowing to aftermarket bodykit suppliers – there are a few out there for the Exora already. Perodua has the Alza Advanced which seems to have buyers, so it would be nice for Proton to have an Exora SE as well :)

Look after the jump for a high resolution gallery of the spy pics. Nice work Suthesh!

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