Volkswagen has given its South American market Volkswagen SpaceFox a facelift to bring it in line with the current Volkswagen family front end look. The Fox got a similar facelift sometime in the second half of last year. The SpaceFox basically looks like a mini version of the Volkswagen Golf Variant estate.

Interestingly, the SpaceFox has a 6% drag coefficient improvement over the outgoing SpaceFox design and the resulting 0.336 Cd drag coefficient actually betters the Fox, which has a shorter body. New suspension settings have improved ride and handling, especially on rough pavement. The interior looks similar to the Volkswagen Gol’s interior. The Gol is another South American model which is positioned as a larger vehicle than the Fox.

Another interesting fact is that in Brazil and other South American markets, customers that do not want to do the clutchwork themselves sometimes do not get the option of a 6-speed automatic transmission or a 6/7-speed DSG transmission, depending on the model. What they get is a 6-speed ASG transmission. ASG stands for Automated Shift Gearbox and its essentially a single clutch manual with an electronically operated clutch, similiar to Alfa Romeo’s Selespeed.

Low cost cars like the Fox, SpaceFox and Polo are the ones that are likely to be sold in our markets if Volkswagen ever becomes a mainstream brand here in Malaysia. They are essentially Volkswagen’s version of Japanese cars like the Vios and the City. Look after the jump for more images of the SpaceFox.

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