Nissan have announced that they will be releasing a revised X-Trail for the Japanese market. The biggest change in the 4X4 will be the inclusion of a 6-speed automatic transmission (with manual shift mode) matted to the 2.0 litre “M9R” Clean Diesel engine.

The MR9 engine is a joint venture development with Renault, which was made to meet Japan’s strict emission regulations. A host of technologies such as Piezo-electric injectors, diesel particulate filter (DPF), and lean NOx-trap catalysts are featured in this engine making it more efficient. The standard engine produces 170hp and 359Nm of torque. This figure is comparable to a 3.5-litre V6 gasoline engine, available from way down in the rev range.


Cosmetic changes to the car include a slightly revised exterior which include a new front grille, front bumper, new head lights, LED tail lights and a sportier front end. This will sit on redesigned 17-inch aluminium wheels with revised tyre sizes.

Moving on inside, larger dials and a vehicle information display system provide the driver with fuel consumption figures and upcoming maintenance schedules while the glove compartment comes standard with refrigeration and heat retention capabilities. Advanced Hill Descent Control system (with a speed-setting function) will be available for 4 wheel drive models, which enables the driver to set their desired speed while climbing up a steep hill.