An accident occurred in the pit lane during yesterday’s Italian GP in Monza. The incident involved the Hispania racing team and it occurred when driver Sakon Yamamoto dived into the pits for a scheduled pit stop. Everything looked perfect for the team when the Japanese driver stopped in his pit box but things turned ugly after the tire change was completed.

The ever-so-important lollipop man gave the clear signal to the driver but at the same time there was a mechanic who was adjusting Yamamoto’s radio. He was standing in front of the rear right wheel. Given the clear signal the driver just accelerated away leaving the mechanic in harms way.

The mechanic got hit by the rear wheel and was pushed further to the left. He landed on the ground right away and the rest of the crew rushed towards him soon after. The race stewards then temporarily closed the pit lane to make way for a safe extraction.

According to another Hispania driver, Karun Chandhok the German mechanic named Marcel was rushed to the medical centre and thankfully he is stable at this point of time. Marcel who never lost consciousness is now awaiting more scans. Everyone knows motor sport in general is dangerous which is why there are countless rules and regulations in regards to safety.

However we have seen a number of accidents in the pits and something should be done to stop this. The Hispania outfit could receive a penalty from the FIA over this incident.