Honda have released some new images of the new Honda Jazz Hybrid, set to debut at the Paris Motorshow very soon. As expected, the IMA hybrid motor and control system are the same 1.3 litre system shared with the Insight, and not the more powerful system in the CR-Z.

Honda claims a combined fuel consumption figure of just 4.4 litre per 100km. As the hybrid system works on a simpler motor assist concept as compared to Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy Drive, the Jazz Hybrid like the rest of its H-badged hybrid cousins will not be able to run on full EV mode on demand, instead it can only switch to an electric motor only mode under certain medium to low speed conditions.

Thanks to the chassis construction of the Jazz, the battery pack and power control unit have managed to be hidden in the area under the boot floor, keeping the normal above floor boot area of 300 litres. This also allows the Jazz’s flat-folding “magic seats” to fold the same way as the non-hybrid versions.

Look after the jump for the new images released by Honda. Our man Danny Tan will be on the scenes from the Paris Motorshow to bring you live coverage from the floor!

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