Renault showcased the new ZOE PREVIEW in Paris recently stating that it will be a realistic glimpse of the forthcoming mass market.

They go on to say that 90 percent of the vehicle will be carried over to the production model, which will be produced at the Renault Flins plant, France. The ZOE Preview will be a B-segment car that is aimed for city driving, releasing zero emissions. Powering the car will be 80hp electric motor capable of producing a torque figure of 222Nm.

Powering the motor are Lithium Ion batteries that give the car a range of 161 kilometres. If by any chance juice does run out, it only takes 10 minutes through a fast charge point, which will give you another 60 kilometres. Perhaps enough to get you home? Charging it for 30 minutes on the other hand, recharges 80 percent of the battery capacity.

In countries where the Quickdrop battery exchange stations are available, customers will be able to change their depleted batteries for a fully charged one, in just three minutes. This service is being planned in Israel and Denmark for the moment. The Zoe measures in at 4.10 metres in length and will sit on 19-inch wheels shod in special Michelin tyres, meant to optimize the range of the vehicle.

Other special features on the car skin hydrating climate control, a toxicity sensor that closes air vents when harmful substances are detected and stimulating or relaxing scent diffuser. Adding to that, is audio ambiance and light therapy, all meant to create a relaxing environment in the car.

Some are even speculating that design will be almost identical to that of the upcoming Clio. Hints of these were seen in the company’s press release of the ZOE comparing it to the Clio.

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