Well, nearly two years after it was announced, it looks like Iranian assembler Iran Khodro, or IKCO, will have its first Runna sedans reaching domestic customers in the middle of this year.

The Runna is essentially a Peugeot 206 sedan, and is yet another of the company’s domestically-made offerings, slated as a national car. Word back then was that the car would ship with a few engine choices, all built by IKCO, and based on PSA blocks – a 95 hp 1.4 litre pot, as well as a 108 hp 1.6 litre and a 1.7 litre CNG-based unit.

IKCO does quite a bit of Pug stuff for the domestic market – there’s also the Samand, which is based on the 405 sedan, as well as the 206 hatch and the 207i hatch among the number of cars in its lineup. Strangely enough, it also has the 206 sedan – in SD guise – in its lineup. When first announced, IKCO planned to build 150,000 Runnas a year at full production – undoubtedly, that company should still be standing by those figures, unless something radical has come about.