Volkswagen’s Ferdinand Piech takes another shot at Alfa Romeo’s current owners Fiat/Chrysler, claiming that Volkswagen could turn around Alfa Romeo and increase sales of the Italian brand up to 400,000 cars a year within 5 years, which is almost quadruple of what the brand is currently doing – about 112,000 cars.

Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne has stated repeatedly that the group would not sell Alfa Romeo anytime soon, even going on to say that as long as he is the CEO of Chrysler and Fiat, Mr. Piech will never have Alfa Romeo.

Such is the allure of the sexy Alfa Romeo brand, that these two bosses seem to treat the ownership of the brand as some kind of status symbol. Alfa Romeo certainly isn’t a profitable brand under Fiat, and in fact Marchionne claims Alfa had always been a money loser in the 7 years he has been at the company, even going as far to say that he wasn’t sure if Alfa Romeo ever really made any money.

On the matter of the sale to Volkswagen, he suggested the German car manufacturer group concentrate on fixing Spanish brand Seat first. Why does Alfa Romeo struggle to sell as many cars as it should, despite having good designs and brand image? Who knows, perhaps with reliable Volkswagen underpinnings it could really do much better than it currently is. The idea of an Alfa Romeo is certainly sexier than a Seat.