In Japan, the Nikkei reports that Datatec Co, a company that develops delivery truck driving-log recorders, is starting a new Internet-based service in July called SafetyRec, which scores a person’s driving skills based on data collected from an application running via an iPhone.

The application is downloaded – for a small sum of 600 yen – to the driver’s iPhone, which will then need to be positioned in much the same manner as a GPS unit, located somewhere along the dashboard or on the windscreen.

The application draws on the phone’s camera, accelerometer and GPS features to collect data 10 times a second. Five areas – acceleration, braking, stopping, turning and swerving – each have a 20 point scoring system, adding up to a total scale of 100.

The scores are displayed on the device, but can also be uploaded to a special website where they can be recorded, which will allow drivers to see how their scores change over time.

Additionally, photos taken every minute can be recorded to the website, providing a log of each driver’s activities. In the event of an accident, a video record of the two to 10 seconds surrounding the event can be stored for investigation purposes later. The web-based service can also be used by companies to encourage workers to hone their safe-driving and fuel-saving techniques.