Yes, it’s a Mercedes-Benz Universal Motor Gerät (better known as the Unimog) multi-purpose 4WD medium truck you see in the photos, going for cheap, but you can’t drive – or for that matter, get into – it, though you can assemble the vehicle.

It’s the biggest Technic model that Lego has come up with – created with M-B, it’s a 2,048 piece, 1:12-scale Unimog. A functioning one at that. The Lego Unimog U400 includes a pneumatically operated crane, with working gripper arm, as well as a front winch, optional snowplough.

Other features include full suspension, differentials, a four-wheel drive chassis, a gear block for extreme ground clearance, and a detailed reproduction of the engine, accurate right down to the moving pistons.

The Lego Technic Unimog, when built, measures an impressive 38.6 cm from bumper to bumper and is finished in bright orange with blue bucket seats. In the UK, it retails for £155 (RM760). I know what I want for Christmas this year!