Honda will begin selling its new CR-V in Japan from December 2. The fourth-generation SUV, which made its global debut in LA earlier in the month, will be available domestically in 2.4 litre and 2.0 litre forms. The 2.4 litre version – in 24G guise – comes with four-wheel-drive, while the 20G 2.0 litre variant is a front-wheel drive offering.

Honda says the 2.4 litre i-VTEC model – which works with a five-speed automatic transmission – offers 20 PS higher output than the outgoing equivalent, thanks to a higher compression ratio and other enhancements. Presumably, the output for the 2.4 version should be similar to the US model’s 185 hp and 221 Nm.

Meanwhile, the 2.0 litre i-VTEC-equipped model will offer powerful torque characteristics from the low rpm range upward and exceptional fuel economy, though there is no mention of specific output numbers – Paul and Danny are in Tokyo to cover the show, so we should be able to get the figures as it goes along, working on the assumption the vehicle is part of the showcase.

Notably, the 2.0 litre features a CVT with torque converter for its drivetrain choice. In combination with the mill, the company says that the model offers the same off-the-line acceleration and overall acceleration performance as the 2.4 L model, while at the same time offering a best-in-class fuel economy of 14.4 km per litre.

In all, Honda is looking to shift a combined 1,500 units of the new CR-V – which has a 225 mm longer interior and 65 litres more cargo area than the outgoing model – domestically every month.