Say hello to the R3 Artiga… again. We previously saw this concept car in Shanghai) and now the Artiga is here, at the Proton Power of 1 in all its metal glory.

There’s a bit more information about the Artiga this time around. We already know that the engine is a supercharged Campro unit that’s good for 180 hp and 240 Nm of torque. The Artiga can do its 0-100 km/h sprint in 7.6 seconds and hits maximum speed at 235 km/h.

The Artiga sports Cusco Zero-3G height and damping adjustable coil-overs at the front and rear, possibly to take advantage of the partnership between Proton and Cusco (read about it here). Stopping power comes courtesy of Endless ventilated rotors and four pot calipers, but only for the front. The rear is equipped with solid brakes.

It’s not a pure concept car per se; you can see that it is a Satria Neo underneath all that extra body kit. The grille and light assembly has also been revised to make it look more aggressive. The one big difference is the ‘eyebrow’ (indicators?) is now in amber instead of the ‘clear’ as seen in Shanghai. It is eye-catching, nonetheless.

No pictures of the interior though. The car is locked tight when I was making my rounds.

But the Artiga is not here just for show. Proton R3 is conducting a survey to see just how much you like the Artiga and what you think can be improved. Could Proton R3 be launching what could be the hottest Satria Neo yet?