I’m not in the habit of attending weekend events, but this one was a bit different, if only to see the closing off of an entire section of Jalan Telawi 3 on a Saturday morning. The Ford-organised Best-Dressed Ford Fiesta Contest, which ran on April 7, saw the road chock full of the little B-segment hatch, all arranged in parade fashion.

As it was a best-dressed competition, the participating vehicles came pretty much decked out; there was plenty of decal work on call, showcasing the talents of the likes of Motorsports Playground and Getto Vehicle Graphic & Wrap. No shortage of individual flair on show, as the photos attest to.

Considering that a four-day trip to Munich – to catch the UEFA Champions League final on May 19 at the Allianz Arena – was up for grabs, everything was pretty much football-based; a number of cars sported footie themes, and the contestants even had to describe to the SDAC and Ford judges who their favourite player was, in relation to their cars.

In the end, five participants (originally, only three, but adding two more was a neat touch by the organisers) were chosen as the ticket winners (yes, the one with Leo Messi was obviously one of the picks!), with a number of Sony PlayStation 3 units as consolation prizes.

Dressing up, in this case, paid off handsomely for quite a few people over the weekend, notably for those in the Ford Fiesta Fan Club Malaysia (FFC), which turned out for the competition in good numbers.