Right, time to be bashful about it. Not. No, we’re going to ask, unashamedly at that, but very nicely. See, we’re in the running in the Lowyat.net: Fave Tech Head category in the 2012 Digi WWWOW Awards, and we’re hoping to uh, bag the big cheese.

Of course, we’ll need your help to do so, kind and faithful readers (hey, is this enough buttering up?). Voting for us won’t save the environment or change any part of the socio-political landscape, unfortunately, but it’ll add a very nice feather to our cap, and we’re really big on the feathery stuff and outfits. Especially Chris.

Not much time left for voting, it seems – it comes to a close on May 13, so if you guys and gals would be so kind to help us out, we’d be mighty glad you did. Head on over here to make that difference. :)