The 2013 Kia Forte (called the Kia K3 or Kia Cerato too depending on the country) has been officially unveiled by Kia Motors, and these are the first three studio images of Kia’s new C-segment sedan giving us a clear glimpse at the exterior of the car.

The new Forte will go on sale in Kia’s domestic South Korean market first at the Kia K3, and it will feature a body that’s longer, lower and wider than the current Forte, with an extended wheelbase. Looking at the new Hyundai Elantra’s dimensions, we expect the Forte to get the same 2,700mm wheelbase as its H-badged cousin.

What’s left for us to find out is how the interior looks like, as well as what engine options the new Forte will come with. For the Elantra, the 2.0 litre sees to be gone now, leaving us with a 1.6 litre and a 1.8 litre engine. Will we see the same refreshed engine line-up in the Forte?