The Suzuki Alto, also known as the Maruti A-Star in India, has been given a facelift, as this sighting by Autohome in China confirms. The mini car made its debut in India back in December 2008, so it’s about time for a refresh.

The Alto, which was introduced here by SMA in August 2010, was born with a unique face. Big, round headlamps and an open mouth gave the little Suzy a cute and/or comical appearance, which is not to all tastes. The new front end, which can be partially seen here, is much more conventionally styled, with long headlamps that stretch far into the front wing and a two-part grille.

The side profile pic shows that there’s no change in the Alto’s shape, and most likely size (3,500 mm long, 2,360 mm wheelbase), although the rubbing strips and Peugeot 508 inspired hoop-style wheels aren’t on our market’s Alto.

At the back, the refreshed Alto sports new tail lamp clusters and a new bumper, the latter featuring a diffuser-style element flanked by “vents” at the edges. This is a serious attempt at ditching the old Alto’s cute and cuddly image – like what you see?