After implementing Euro 4 fuel standards, Thailand will for the first time get diesel-powered MINIs. BMW Thailand will import oil burning versions of the MINI Hatch, Countryman and Coupe. Slower selling models like the Roadster and Clubman will continue to be petrol-only.

One 2.0 litre commonrail diesel with variable turbine geometry will be offered, but in two different outputs. All variants tagged Cooper D will have 111 hp and 270 Nm from 1,750-2,250 rpm, while Cooper SD cars come with 143 hp and 305 Nm of torque, available from 1,750-2,000 rpm. That’s more twist than a Cooper S, so strong performance is guaranteed.

This is a BMW engine that’s also used in cars with the propeller badge, in various states of tune. No eight-speed auto, though – all MINIs are equipped with a six-speed auto with steering paddle shifters. The diesel Coupe is only available as a Cooper SD in Thailand.

Buyers are likely to be serious diesel enthusiasts, as the diesel-powered MINIs are costlier than their petrol-powered brethren by 250,000 to 300,000 baht (RM25k to 30k) due to higher production costs. The diesels are more frugal, but it will still take some years to “break even” in this case.

Those young and hip Bangkokians shouldn’t complain though, at least they have a choice to make!