Proton cars are sold by both Proton Edar and EON. The latter, once upon a time synonymous with Proton, has been a “master-dealer” for the national car company since 2009. EON is a subsidiary of DRB-Hicom, Proton’s new owner, so the merging of Proton Edar and EON is not a big surprise.

Yesterday, DRB-Hicom announced to Bursa Malaysia the completion of the “internal reorganisation exercise” as part of a strategy to streamline and align its Proton business operations. The cash involved totals RM400,800,000.

The internal reorganisation involved the sale, transfer and assignment of the rights, title and interest in all the assets, liabilities and employees in the Proton business to Proton Edar by EON. It also included Proton Edar’s acquisition of 100% equity interest in EON Properties Sdn Bhd and Automotive Conversion Engineering Sdn Bhd, wholly owned subsidiaries of EON. In addition, Proton Marketing Sdn Bhd will take up 40% interest in Proton Parts Centre Sdn Bhd from EON.

“Besides being one of the Group’s strategy to achieve greater operational efficiency, establish cost savings and enhance the Group’s future earnings, the Internal Reorganisation will also ensure the seamless implementation of strategic measures to achieve performance excellence in distribution, logistics and after sales service,” said Datuk Seri Mohd Khamil Jamil, Group MD of DRB-Hicom.

“The Group will also be able to leverage on specialised expertise with the consolidation of the workforce, allowing the Group to augment its service offerings for the automotive industry. This reorganisation also means that we are delivering our promises of improvements in Proton,” he added.

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