We’ve just flipped the switch on the new oto.my car classifieds, which apart from featuring a new layout as well as new functionality, is now Malaysia’s first Retina-Ready automobile classifieds.

Buyers and sellers at oto.my can now enjoy a re-worked user interface that is more intuitive, user friendly with easy search and browsing features. The browsing experience at oto.my is enhanced further with subtle yet important updates to aid car buyers and sellers in the following areas:

New layout ready for Retina Display

Developed ready for the next generation of high resolution display devices, oto.my is now “Retina-Ready” to enhance the experience of the growing number of Apple device users such as the Macbook Pro with Retina Display and The New iPad.

This simply means that the site will take advantage of the very large resolutions available on Apple’s Retina-Ready devices to deliver a crisp and sharp user interface.

Images are now so sharp that you can even read a car’s number plate through the thumbnails on the search result pages.

New Membership Account Types

A key feature is now added to allow users to register memberships according to the capacity they are signing-up in. Membership is now categorised by Individual, Sales Agent and Company type accounts.

Sales Agent and Company accounts will further enjoy a dedicated page in the form of http://www.oto.my/name-of-choice. Company accounts will also have the option to specify a list of contact persons to be displayed in their listings.

Improved Calculator Functionality

A key attraction among site visitors, our loan calculator is now enhanced with a new feature that quickly displays a selection of vehicles that correspond to the car value entered in the loan calculator. This allows users to easily view cars available that fits within their budget range.

The insurance and road tax calculators are also now improved further to provide more accurate results.

New Listing Categories

oto.my now features new “Seller Selection Tabs” that categorises sellers by type – individuals, sales agents and companies. This mode is very useful for potential buyers to quickly narrow down their search by their preferred type of sellers.

A new Classic Car category is now added under “Car Category” listing to meet the needs of classic car enthusiasts whom are either looking to buy or sell a unique classic or vintage automobile.

Oto.my was created to provide the right tools and visibility to help bring automobile buyers and sellers together by providing a comprehensive virtual showroom. It was the first automobile listing site in Malaysia to feature intelligent targeted listing aggregation to reach out to more than 1,000,000 car buyers on paultan.org.

This means a car buyer that is reading about a car such as the Volkswagen Golf on Malaysia’s number 1 car news and review website paultan.org site will also see all Volkswagen Golf on sale on oto.my.

Launched in May 2012, oto.my now has over 13,000 cars for sale and reaches 125,000 unique visitors a month in addition to the 1,000,000 unique visitors a month on paultan.org. A special mobile interface at http://m.oto.my/ designed to suit smartphone screens was launched in August 2012. In the month of October 2012, mobile surfers consisted of approximately 30% of oto.my’s visitor profile.

Do let us know any comments and suggestions in the comment or at assist@oto.my