Ford is set to launch the Fiesta ST in the US, and though Team RS of Europe has had a hand in its development, working alongside SVT, the American version is a bit different to the European model.

For starters, there’s the configuration; the US is set to get the ST in five-door form, and it’ll be exclusive to the States, according to Ford. The car – based on the facelifted Fiesta – is making its debut at the LA Auto Show that kicks off today.

The power output is also different to that of the three-door European ST, which premiered in Geneva earlier this year. The 1.6 litre EcoBoost four-cylinder mill on the US version has 197 hp and 290 Nm, compared to the European ST’s 180 hp and 240 Nm.

Torque-wise, the company says that 240 Nm is already available at 1,600 rpm, with the full amount of twist coming on at 3,500 rpm. The transmission is a six-speed manual.

Like the European version, there’s electronic Torque Vectoring Control and a three-mode (standard, sport or off) Electronic Stability Control, as well as a 15 mm reduction in ride height. The rear axle gets increased roll stiffness to improve stability through fast corners, and the steering is more direct and responsive than the base model, with a quicker overall steering ratio of 13.6:1.

Elsewhere, the Fiesta ST will come with the mechanical version of the sound symposer system – which feeds the engine sound directly into the passenger cabin to accentuate feedback quality and response – first used on the Focus ST.

Exterior kit-wise, the car – which is finished in a Molten Orange tri-coat metallic shade – is dressed up with a unique grille and chin spoiler as well as a new rear diffuser and fascia extensions. Bright tipped dual-exhaust pipes and high-mount spoiler along with five-spoke 17-inch wheels complete the visual package.