We’ve featured three teams in the Petronas Switch for XTRA Road Challenge so far – Team Awal, Team Scha Alyahya and Team FBI – so let’s now take a look at the final one in the reckoning, Team Hanis Zalikha.

The team is named after celebrity blogger Hanis Zalikha, which I first took note of in the Mad Markets series on TV9, where she explores markets in various places. The girl is cute, and I don’t mind getting lost with her in Chatuchak! Anyway, her teammates for the roadtrip are Farhana Azreen and Tiffany Ooi, not this writer.

The embedded video above starts with “Sedutan Episod 1”, which will show you what the girls did in the first webisode. Like the other teams, they started off by selling Boboiboy toys at a Petronas station, before heading north to Ipoh Parade for their next challenge – three games followed by 30 new Mesra card applicants from mall goers.

Pit stops are a must for long drives, and the girls found the Tapah R&R Petronas station to stretch their legs and refresh via the Petronas Pitstop app.


Getting random people to sign up for stuff ain’t easy, but after the Mesra card challenge, Team Hanis had to then find 25 people to sing a line each, shoot a video clip, edit and post the clip online to wrap the day up.

Quite a task, but they at least had feminine charms to rely on – imagine a bunch of guys asking random people to star in their video clip, and the response they will get? View the video above to see how they did.

Here’s a recap of what this is all about. The Road Challenge is actually the second phase of the #Switch4XTRA campaign after the Petronas Switch For XTRA Race, which saw fans vote for their favourite celebrities in a virtual popularity race.


The Road Challenge features four famous faces – Awal Ashaari, Scha Alyahya and Faizal Ismail (FBI) are the three celebrities, while Hanis Zalikha is the celebrity blogger involved – who will travel across Malaysia and complete fun challenges along the way. They won’t be alone though, as each celebrity will be supported by a team of two supporters, who were picked from the top 15 winners of the Switch for XTRA Race.

In the Road Challenge, each team of three will be sent on a roadtrip to a selected location in Malaysia, where they will need to complete a challenge. To add spice, the challenge can only be completed with the help of the public.


When the teams receive their challenge, the celebrities will “call for help” via their respective social networks, so every fan can play a part, not just the two teammates. The roadtrip challenges will then be posted online as webisodes on the Petronas Brands Youtube channel.

In the end, the team with the highest number of collective video views will be crowned champion. The winning team will walk away with RM10,000 cash, which will be divided 50:50 between the two team members.

Check out the webisodes at the Petronas Brands Youtube channel.