These are patent drawings filed by Nissan with the Chinese patent office, and they show a next-gen Nissan X-Trail that looks nothing like the current one. No more boxy, but rather curvy, the third-generation Nissan X-Trail has looks that are more in line with the brand’s other crossovers like the Juke, Qashqai and Murano.

These patent drawings also confirm that the production car will retain most, if not all of the lines of the Nissan Hi-Cross Concept, shown at Geneva 2012. The Hi-Cross was a seven-seat SUV concept, so could the next X-Trail have that third-row option?

The showcar had a 2,780 mm wheelbase, a number that is between the current X-Trail and Murano, while its 4,660 mm overall length is just 30 mm longer than today’s car.

Now that the exterior design of the Hi-Cross has been proven to be realistic, how about the cabin and powertrain? Click here to read more and view a full gallery of the Hi-Cross concept.