Chinese freshman Qoros will be making waves across Europe at the Geneva Motor Show by premiering its first production car, the Qoros 3 Sedan (previously referred to as the GQ3) and two concept cars that showcase the new brand’s future models and technology developments.

Making its world premiere in full production form, the elegantly styled Qoros 3 Sedan promises class-leading interior space, generous specifications and high safety standards (measured to achieve top scores in both Chinese and European crash tests). It introduced Qoros’ “distinctive brand identity” which will be apparent across all future models.

Powering the 4,615 mm-long sedan are two 1.6 litre petrol engines in either naturally-aspirated or turbocharged flavours. Equipped with variable valve timing, the lower powered unit makes 126 hp and 155 Nm of torque, while the turbo bumps the figures up to 156 hp and 210 Nm. A six-speed dual-clutch transmission is offered as a cost-option over the standard six-speed manual.

To be introduced soon after the initial launch are two brand new engines co-developed with Austrian automotive giant AVL, these being a three-pot 1.2 litre and a bigger four-cylinder 1.6 litre engines that are both turbocharged and utilise modern direct injection technology.


Shown in concept form, the Qoros 3 Estate is a model better suited for European consumption, providing generous and versatile interior space. The rear seats fold to leave a flat load floor, and also incorporate a ski hatch. Expect it to receive the same powertrains as the 3 Sedan when it goes into production.

The third and perhaps the most interesting car here is the Qoros 3 Cross Hybrid Concept – a Volkswagen Tiguan-sized crossover using an advanced hybrid drivetrain. It used much of the same design elements present on the 3 Sedan albeit housed on a taller, more rugged bodystyle.

It uses the aforementioned three-cylinder turbocharged 1.2 litre engine up front paired with two electric motors – one above the rear axle, and a second mounted between the engine and transmission. The latter is dubbed the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), and simulates an on-demand four-wheel drive system.

On board software ensures seamless transition between petrol-powered front-wheel drive, electric motor rear-wheel drive and an all-wheel drive mode, depending on the most efficient mode to respond to the driver’s inputs and the prevailing road conditions.


The hybrid tech will most likely not reach full production so soon, but expect the Qoros crossover to go on sale with a traditional engine line-up and largely similar styling.

A common in-house-developed platform is used in all the three models here, following the widespread modular platform-sharing trend introduced by most major European automakers not so long ago. It allows Qoros to expand its model line-up rapidly with cost effectiveness in mind.

The C-segment Qoros 3 Sedan (its new official international model designation) will be launched in China in the second half of this year, and across Europe by the end of 2013. Model extensions (presumably based on the two concepts here or maybe even the rumoured four-door coupe) are to be introduced later at six-month intervals.