We’ve written about the Volkswagen Golf Mk7‘s touchscreen head unit with its proximity sensor and smartphone-like interface for some time now, and here’s a video of it live in action.

First thing you’ll notice is that the touchscreen interface supports wiping gestures, so no more tapping an arrow key to scroll through the menu. Just swipe your finger across like you would on your phone, and voila. It works on the media player too, so you can skip to the part you want to hear instantaneously.

Another standout feature is the proximity sensor. As soon as the driver or front passenger moves a finger to operate the screen, the sensor automatically switches from display mode to input mode. As such, more information can be displayed while you drive, without the clutter of all available commands blocking the view.

Things to note: This video was recorded during our international drive in Sardinia, showing the 8-inch ‘Discover Pro’ model with navigation and Dynamic Chassis Control (Driving Mode Selection). Local models get the smaller, 5.8-inch ‘Composition Media’ panel without GPS and DCC, but the touchscreen interface and proximity sensor are identical to that above.