The Volvo V40 and V40 Cross Country have been given fresh updates, gaining a new engine option and the choice of an all-wheel drive system for the Cross Country. Other changes include a reduction of CO2 emissions across the diesel range and an optional Sensus Connected Touch system.

A new base petrol engine is offered on both models – a Ford-sourced turbocharged 1.6 litre with 120 hp and 240 Nm of torque. Badged as a T2, it averages 18.9 km per litre with CO2 emissions of 124 grammes per kilometre.

Mid-spec 180 hp V40 Cross Country T4 can now be had with an optional all-wheel drive system, whereas it was only available on the top of the range T5 (254 hp) variant before.


Also revised is the D2 diesel engine option, now with reduced emissions and lower fuel consumption. The new V40 D2 emits just 88 grammes per kilometre with a combined efficiency of 29.4 km per litre. Opt for the V40 Cross Country D2 and the figures rise to 99 grammes per kilometre and 26.3 km per litre.

The Sensus Connected Touch system, first introduced on Volvo’s more expensive models last month, has filtered down its most affordable hatchbacks. The new system uses a larger 7-inch touchscreen display and allows Internet connectivity for music streaming, online Google Map search, among other features.

No one can blame Volvo for the lack of trying, this minor update introduced so soon after it practically facelifted the entire range of the S60, V60, XC60, V70, XC70 and S80 in one go just last month. The only model left untouched is the XC90, which is set to be replaced next year, benefitting from Volvo’s upcoming modular platform and high-tech engines.