The fact that the Audi A3 will be made in sedan form has never been kept as a secret. Two so-called ‘technical studies’ of the Audi A3 Sedan have been shown in 2011, first as a high-performance show car and then an e-tron electric concept. Now, the company has released a short video teaser of the upcoming model ahead of its online unveiling on March 27.

The clip doesn’t show much at all, just a quick peek at the car’s rear seats and then the full car covered under a white sheet. You can just about see the car’s sleek profile and short rear end, giving it more of a four-door coupe look than a traditional three-box sedan. Is Audi planning to pitch it against Mercedes-Benz’s sporty CLA?

That would make a lot of sense, as there isn’t a rival for a standard sedan-bodied vehicle of the same size and class among competing brands. On the other hand, perhaps Audi is targeting more traditional markets such as China and America, where buyers prefer sedans over hatchbacks.

Nothing else is known about the new model, but expect it to have a front end that closely resembles the current A3’s, with a cabin close to that of the five-door Sportback variant. As for future performance models, that will likely to share the S3’s 300 hp powerplant.