That new C4 Picasso we posted earlier is stunning isn’t it? With Naza Euro Motors (NEM) taking the reigns of the Citroen brand in Malaysia, it’s likely to appear here in the distant future. For now, NEM looks set to add to its current range of DS4 and DS5, starting with the current Citroen C5 sedan.

A grey unit in top-spec Exclusive trim was spotted undergoing type approval testing at JPJ by our perennial spyshot contributor Anol Alias, signalling that a local relaunch is under way. We say relaunch because the car was once sold (silently) under the previous Citroen distributor. Funnily enough, this is not the latest C5 available internationally as it has yet to adopt the newer, softer chevron logo.


The C5 is a close relative of the Peugeot 508, it sitting on the same platform and sharing the same pool of engines and transmissions. Exclusive to the former however is its unique Hydractive 3+ pneumatic suspension – a Citroen party piece. For our market, expect it to get the THP 155 1.6 litre engine and a six-speed automatic ‘box, mirroring the powertrain offered on the DS4, DS5 and incidentally, the local 508.

Features of note from the pictures are the 18-inch ‘Atlantic’ wheels, LED daytime running lights, fixed steering hub, Parking Space Measurement (gauges if the car can fit into a given space) and leather upholstery.

Now that owning a Citroen is cool again, would you consider this over a Peugeot 508 and other D-segment alternatives?