We know what you’re wondering: haven’t the new Range Rover Sport been unveiled at the New York Auto Show already? What’s this one doing all taped up then? That got us thinking too.

A closer look at the lower bumper reveals that this test vehicle is running a different set of air intakes compared to the standard car’s. It’s bigger, deeper, more squared-off and subtly more aggressive, which leads us to believe that there’s a hotter version of the Range Rover Sport underneath that camo.

The RR Sport’s top 5.0 V8 Supercharged variant already offers 510 hp so it seems silly to think that it may need more performance. But don’t forget that Jaguar Land Rover already has a more potent version of the same engine, tuned to 550 hp, that’s used by its ETO (Engineered To Order) division.

ETO has been responsible for exclusive JLR models such as the Range Rover Autobiography Ultimate, Jaguar XKR-S and the GT, XJ Ultimate and the XFR-S. Each offers additional luxury, performance and capability, exploring different facets of the brands’ personalities. Looks like the Range Rover Sport will be getting the same treatment.