When one falls victim to theft, whether it’s a bag or your car that they took, it’s not just about the material loss, but the inconvenience one has to go through. If it’s your bag or wallet, the IC and driving license will need to be replaced, which means spending hours at a government agency. If your car gets stolen or is damaged, you would have temporarily lost your main mode of transport.

It’s a hassle, which is why this piece of news caught our eye. An insurance company now offers replacement cars for customers who are involved in an accident or fall victim to theft, Bernama reports.

Allianz General Insurance said that the replacement car benefit is for its Enhanced Road Warrior or CIMB Auto Relief policy for three, four or five days, depending on the plan. The customer needs to provide a photocopy of his/her identity card and the police report.

Accidents and theft are unforeseen events that will leave people stranded, literally. “When we thought about this, we felt the best solution possible is to provide replacement cars for consumers who are caught in this difficult situation while getting their cars repaired,” said Allianz General head of sales, Rafliz Ridzuan.

Good consolation in an unfortunate situation, we think, as not everyone has a second set of wheels at home. What say you?