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You’ve seen the Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk7 before, but nothing more than a handful of official images. Here’s the hot hatch in a better light. We’ve put up 50 on location pics of the Mk7 GTI from the south of France, where VW is having an international media drive as we type. Plenty of accompanying nice backgrounds, from the mountain roads on the French Riviera to Paul Ricard.

To recap, the Mk7 GTI is available from the factory in two power output levels from its EA888 2.0 TSI turbo engine – a standard 220 PS GTI and a 230 PS GTI Performance version (both have 350 Nm), which also adds larger brake discs and an electronically controlled mechanical limited-slip differential. Transmission choices are a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed dual-clutch DSG unit.

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The GTI Performance pack adds uprated brakes, with the ventilated front brake discs increasing in size to 340 x 30 mm from the standard 312 x 25 mm rotors. The rear rotors also get upsized, with the stock 300 x 12 mm solid discs on the standard GTI being replaced with 310 x 22 mm ventilated discs.

As for the LSD, the system consists of a multi-plate coupler between the differential cage and right driveshaft, which controls locking torque electro-hydraulically. Initial reports have said that “understeer is virtually non-existent.” Visually, vehicles with the Performance pack are distinguished solely by ‘GTI’ lettering on the red brake callipers.

The benchmark century sprint is done in 6.4 seconds for the GTI Performance, a tenth faster than the 220 PS car and half a second faster than today’s GTI. You can watch a video of the icon doing it his way here.

Reports streaming out from Nice have been positive, with hacks reporting that the Mk7 is a big step up in every aspect, especially in the driving department. Appetite all worked up, can’t wait to drive it!